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McFly Save Our Souls. The main idea?

We all have trouble writing sometimes, which is why this community is here! Some people feel self-conscious about posting their stories, especially if it’s their first time. We were all McFly-slash virgins at one point! But this community is for everyone looking to become a better writer, or for anyone who’s just looking for a few tips and wants their questions to be answered. This community is for learning and improving, so feel free to join, we don't bite!

How does it all work?

Send in your story with your Livejournal username via email to one of the mods. Your email will be seen to as soon as possible, and your story will be read over carefully. We’ll repost the story at this community with corrections and few other helpful tips that could help improve your writing and story. It’s sort of like beta’ing, but it’s much more than just fishing out errors in the story. It’s also for practice sake, since the posts are there for everyone to see and learn from. You may also email one of the mods with questions regarding fic-writing, and those too will be answered in posts via mcflysos.

Contact cavediving or radarz (shared email):

Contact ichnal:


#1.] Please respect your mods. Keep in mind that we do have lives outside of this community, and sometimes can’t get to your story(ies) right away, so please be patient.
#2.] This is a help community and we’re here to help people improve, so please, no rude comments. Your own input is always welcome, but keep the criticism constructive. Any inappropriate comments or bullying will resort to a banning from the community.
#3.] No more than two stories in one email. You can send chapters if you want, but please no more than two. We need time to read over everything carefully so we can assist you with your writing as best as we can, but once your stories have been posted, you are free to send in more!
#4.] If you have any questions of concerns, don’t hesitate to contact one of the mods!
#5.] All posts are friends-locked, so you must join to take part and see the posts.